Partners - Grimm & Wulff Anlagen- und Systembau GmbH

Grimm & Wulff Anlagen- und Systembau GmbH

Grimm & Wulff Anlagen- und Systembau GmbH

Grimm & Wulff Anlagen- und Systembau GmbH has taken over the plant construction from PALL Filtersystems GmbH Werk Hamburg in June 2006. We produce modern filtration- and water treatment systems by using membrane and reverse osmosis technology. Desalination systems are mainly applied for merchant shipping, in the marine and in the offshore sector. Leachate and process water treatment systems are applied for industry and in municipal domains / landfill.
Our experience in plant construction, commissioning, training and worldwide service for these systems are based on 20 years of successful activity. The reference list is considerable and consists in more than 1500 produced systems running worldwide. The German marine for example operates desalination systems produced by us. Our teams of professional and highly qualified employees realize even complex plant systems with high military and environmental requirements.

Quality and safety take top priority at Klarwin. Furthermore, all our business partners are accreditated for quality management systems.

As a supplier of landfill leachate treatment plant, Klarwin and its manufacturing partner Grimm&Wullff are certified for the quality management system according EN ISO 9001:2008.

Further, in accordance with with the EEC machine directive 2006/42/EG of 17 of May 2006, appendix II A, we certify that the landfill leachate treatment plant in it’s conception, construction and form put by us into circulation is in accordance with all the relevant essential health and safety requirements of the EC machinery directive 2006/42/EEC as ammended and the national laws and regulations adopting this directive.

As a result, there are no limits to how our products can be used.

We are also determinated to ensure the long-term excellence and quality of our products. To this end, our factory run own factory acceptance tests in the workshop and has its own written procedures drawn up in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008.

For further information, please visit www.anlagen-systembau.de