Pharma Technology
Klarwin provides its clients with complex solutions for processing pharmaceutical fluids, optimization and/or full control of the contamination of the existing processes, according to the latest GMP requirements.
On the basis of strong partnerships with European and World leaders from among the producers of equipments and installations for the pharmaceutical industry, Klarwin is developing a wide range of projects for his customers in Romania, for a completely safe processing of solutions for the pharmaceutical use. The consulting service offered by the Klarwin Company will help you make the best decision in sizing, operating and optimizing the necessary plants to obtain, for the most attractive of costs, the drugs for human and veterinary use, in solid, semisolid, aerosol or liquid, sterile and non-sterile forms. The management of the risk factors allows the total control of contamination throughout the process of obtaining the sterile or non-sterile drugs, while complying with the latest requirements of USP, FDA, BP, the Romanian Pharmacopoeia, EP, etc.